Ready to Ride


So it only took me three (three!) years to get a bike setup for the summer. Ready at last, here is my new (used) 2012 Kona Jake, pictured on the scenic trails of the Topsfield Linear Common.

This trail is one section of a continually growing, vast array of rail trails that will someday connect the small towns of New England all the way to the southern tip of Florida. Most of the trails are made up of packed gravel or dirt, which is great for a CX bike like this or a touring bike, but also can be fun for mountain bikers too. I’m looking forward to exploring every one I can this summer.

As for the bike…it rides beautifully. I was a little nervous at first riding drop handlebars in a gravel/trail setting, but this thing handles like a dream. I had been going back and forth between buying a traditional road bike or a mountain bike for some time, and glad I ended up smack-dab in the middle with a CX bike. It really brings the best of both worlds to the table, and looks pretty sweet to boot.

Maybe I’ll even try my hand at a CX race this fall. Maybe.


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