A Walk in the Woods

Had to take advantage of the recent nice weather to explore Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, MA.


The infamous Lily had to take the place of my dog, for he was too lazy to leave the couch.

This 480 acre estate is currently run by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, but from 1900-1985 was occupied by the Moseley family. Although almost all of the previously occupied buildings, which took 40 staff to tend, are gone, there are ghostly remnants of the property throughout the park.

One of the many carriage trails throughout the park.

Today the park is used as a common dog walking spot, place to exercise or location for weddings. Events are held throughout the year on the grounds, ranging from a family-friendly Halloween walk to Theater in the Open performances.

Remnants of civilization. 
Some kind of (hole-y) fruit tree.


It’s certainly a fun place to explore and utilize for photographic endeavors. I’m sure I’ll add more photos as the summer goes on – and hopefully some fun portraits in the garden area.

Friend and dog. 



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