Dating the Distance

Long distance is a killer for many relationships. With the physical distance of being away at school and the social distance of making new friends, college in particular can be a hard time to stay together with the one you love. But through the hardships, some students make it happen.

Jason and Hannah met in 10th grade at Palmer High in Palmer, MA. They dated for their senior year, then took a break in college, but have been back together for two years, three years total.

Today, long distance relationships can be much more attainable due to texting and Skyping. Although not physically there, people can remain in near constant communication any hour of the day. Jason and Hannah use these practices to help keep their love together over a distance.


College Junior and RA Jason Roche holds a card his girlfriend Hannah Laviolette made him for Valentine’s Day. The two are separated by about an hour’s drive while both being enrolled full time in college.


In between study sessions Jason finds time to have text conversations with Hannah.


“I think technology has really helped to keep our relationship strong,” said Jason, “being able to talk to each other all day, whether ir be by texting, talking on the phone, or Skyping helps us stay connected and be there for each other.”


As a freshman RA, Jason has to devote some time to programs and events to help his freshman in Dickinson enjoy their first year of school.


Jason and Hannah Skype as often as possible with their busy schedules.


Heart shaped love notes and Valentine’s Day candy are just a few of the things Jason has in his room from Hannah.


Friday nights out at the Old Town Tavern are spent with his buddies, and not looking for girls.


Jason is keeping score at a Super Smash Brothers tournament he held as an event for his freshman residents. Texts from Hannah await.


Programs such as Skype allow Jason and Hannah to talk face to face at the end of the day.


When Skype fails due to internet connectivity problems, a phone call is a second best option.


“The distance is difficult to deal with, but at the same time it makes the times where we do get to be together all that much better.”


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