Let’s Elect a President

Today could change the course of American history.

But not really. Let’s be honest, our two candidates don’t differ too much on many of their political opinions, and they’re both terrified to bring any new kind of idea to the table for fear it could lower their ratings. Both are terrified of Iran. Both want to create jobs. Both support the changes in healthcare. Considering that those are a few of the biggest worries on everyone’s mind, there isn’t a whole lot to disagree on.

Except within the social aspects of their party, aspects that very few voters fully agree with on either side.

At this point in time, the presidential election is more about ratings than actual political messages. From an independent viewer’s perspective (and someone who has honestly not gotten caught up in the political hype), this entire campaign has been a pissing contest between two rich, highly educated American men that care more about their appearance than their message.

I think America deserves a better candidate, one not solely concerned on their public image. One not afraid to say something out of character, and one not hell bent with the sole purpose to outdo the other.

I know I had a hard time choosing who to vote for during this election, and not because the two of them had great ideas, but because neither of them said anything that stimulated a reaction in me.

If your ideas are genius, people will follow.

Our political system is flawed. The fact that we only have two well publicized options is ludicrous, and that they have to try to represent two completely conflicting ideals is even crazier. I know very, very few people who truly, strictly believe in all the positions of their preferred political party. Just because someone is a Republican doesn’t mean they hate gays and think abortion is the devil’s work, and just because someone is a Democrat doesn’t mean they want to legalize marijuana or support illegal immigration rights.

More people I’ve met are in the middle, with beliefs in both systems. So why are we split between two polar opposite choices? A president should be a representation of the people. People are not one, radical concrete idea (usually), but a mix of different opinions mixed together.

I’m waiting for a time where we finally have a presidential candidate with the balls to break the system. America deserves a leader who is not bound by the rules of what he believes his party to be, but one with true and original convictions that he or she is willing to fight for.

I honestly don’t care about Obama or Romney’s personal life. I don’t care what Obama’s favorite beer is, or what his wife is wearing, or whether or not his birth certificate is worth $5,000,000 to Donald Trump. I couldn’t care less how much money Romney makes, or the fact that he’s a Mormon, or the whole ‘binders full of women’ slip. All of those little details people get hung up on have nothing to do with them being a president or a worthwhile leader.

I don’t want to elect a Republican or Democrat. I want to elect a president.

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