First Post


This is my first post! Woo! No one will read this! On the off chance someone does, heres a little info on me and why I’m doing this! Exclamation point!

I love to write. I’ve been writing since I was a kid, and have always found comfort in words. I want to have an audience view my writing. View it. Hopefully you can find some comfort in these words too. Or like, not.

I write poetry and short fiction pieces. Oddly enough, while my poetry is almost always serious and depressing (as poetry is meant to be, says the alcoholic English major in me) my fiction tends to show how I truly am inside. Sarcastic and cynical. And really disturbed.

Since I’m a journalism major, I’m also inclined to say how I like to write news articles. Those are okay too. In fact, those are more than “okay”, and are more in the “pretty good” category. I’ll have a lot of those posted here.

I also love photography. I started when I was 13, and have been hooked ever since. I like taking pictures of pretty girls, but they don’t like me taking pictures of them. Alas, the trials of the artistic life.

But really, I take pictures, and I’m not creepy about it. I promise, all the pictures of pretty girls on here where taken while they still liked me.

Here are some uninteresting things about me:

-My favorite color is green.

-I like indie music a lot. (And if you think it’s obscure, it’s probably not obscure enough for me.)

-Occasionally I draw faces on pieces of fruit.

-I’m currently enrolled at UMASS Amherst.

-I have a bag of sunflower seeds sitting next to me.

-I drink tea a lot.

-I’m currently wearing a green shirt (ironic, as I just told you my favorite color was green and this situation was not planned out in any way whatsoever)

-Sometimes in the summer I stick my head out the car window and bark at pedestrians.

-Sometimes in the summer I stick my head out the car window and bark at pedestrians and they bark back.


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